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"Frequent comments by Instrumental Music teachers who are not French horn players lead one to believe there is a great deal of “mystery” involved in teaching or playing the horn. Many of these “mysteries” stem from a lack of clearly understanding a few basic fundamentals in the approach to horn teaching. This veil of “mysteries” can be lifted only through the understanding of a clear, concise, logical explanation of teaching and playing procedures." [read the whole article at Conn-Selmer Keynotes]

"While there are 40 rudiments endorsed by the Percussive Arts Society, there are nine that are mostly found in concert band and orchestra literature. Are you obsessing about rudiments in your school programs? Certainly if you have a marching program the answer is no, but if you want your young drummers to play more musically in concert band and orchestra, you’ll focus less on the entire list of rudiments and home in on the handful of more useful ones found in school literature." [read the whole article at Conn-Selmer Keynotes]

"Recently I read how George Gershwin became interested in music. When he was ten years old, he heard a classmate play a piece on the violin, and suddenly a whole new world opened up for him. He befriended the boy, they discussed music and went to concerts together, and George’s life was changed forever." [read the whole article at Conn-Selmer Keynotes]