Middle School Solo & Ensemble Results

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Several members of the 7th and 8th grade bands performed at District Solo & Ensemble Festival in Alma on April 12, 2008. Every student received a medal for their performance. Congratulations!
Solo & Ensemble Festival:Alma Middle School
IMatt Costello, Jaren Pashak, Daniel Schindler, Austin Ballor - Brass quartet
IKristoffer Cuesta - Piano Solo
IDaniel Schindler and Austin Ballor - Brass ensemble
IAustin Ballor - Tuba solo
IJohn Costello - Alto Sax solo
IMegan Seifferly and Rebecca Turner - Woodwind duet
IKristoffer Cuesta - Snare drum solo
IGina Wojciechowski, Lindsey Summers and Devin Yant - Clarinet trio
ILogan McCulloch - Trumpet solo
IDaniel Schindler and Diego Calvo - Trombone duet
IRebecca Turner - Clarinet solo
IITrenton Cameron - Trumpet solo
IGina Wojciechowski and Lindsey Summers - Clarinet duet
IJohn Costello and David Sniecinski - Saxophone duet
IBrittanie Sosnofsky and Rebecca Turner - Clarinet Duet
IEriin Mehl - Tuba solo
IKelsey Petiet - Flute solo
IDavid Sniecinski - Tenor Sax solo
IILauren Kolat - Clarinet solo
IDavid Sniecincki - Alto Sax solo
ITravis Depcinski - French Horn solo
IDiego Calvo - Trombone solo
ICameron Zvara, Kris Cuesta, Zach LaPorte, Zach Moquin, and Seth Brozewski - Percussion ensemble
IJoseph Grocholski - Alto Sax solo