2008 Trumpet and Horn exercises

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Hello Trumpets and Horns. There are some warm-ups and exercises that we will use at band camp now available in the downloads area. Link: Download here.

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Etude No. 1 is from Trumpet Advanced Lip Flexibilities by Dr. Charles Colin, Copyright 1980. We will likely use this to warm up at band camp, along with some older exercises still available at Specifically the 2007 warm-ups (in the Band Camp downloads) and the Pedal-Tone studies (in the Trumpet download area).

Exercises 11-22 and “The Turn” are from Arban Complete Method for Trumpet. These are from the Vitzzuti and Jacobs edition, pages 101-104, published by Encore Music Publishers, © 2007. You can find a copy at or any good music retailer; I got mine from We may use these exercises a few times at camp to work on finger speed and key signatures. Start slowly with each of these exercises, and work up to a speed where you can do them in two breaths. Be careful with key signatures and accidentals. Use a metronome when practicing these exercises.

There are more suggestions in the download. Check it out. (and then start practicing!)