PE Waiver for Marching Band Invalidated

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The Michigan Department of Education has decided that students may not waive the PE credit because of participation in Marching Band or a Varsity sport. Current Freshman and Sophomores (and future HS students) must take a PE course or test out of the requirement before graduation. Current Juniors and Seniors will not be affected by the changes.

This does not mean that students have to drop band to take a PE course, nor does it mean that students must take the course immediately. Students simply must complete one term of PE before graduation. This can be done later in High School and should not interfere with a student's plan to participate in band.

Read more to view the letter sent to parents from BCPS Curriculum Director Brian Johnson.

August 31, 2009

Dear Parents,

Your child was given a Physical Education waiver for his/her participation in marching band or for earning a varsity letter. We recently received guidance from the Michigan Department of Education that the state does not recognize this waiver for students graduating in 2012 and beyond. Therefore, all Freshmen and Sophomore students must either take and pass a Physical Education class before graduation or take and test out of the Physical Education course by taking an exam which will include an agility/performance assessment and a written test.  

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and your child but we must follow the Physical Education requirement policy as mandated by the Michigan Department of Education.  Your child's counselor will be contacting you in October to discuss these options with you.  


Brian Johnson 

Brian JohnsonDirector 9-12 Curriculum / Assessment / Gifted & Talented