September Conn-Selmer Articles

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Recruiting and Retention by Gary Gribble
Instrumental music begins in our school system in sixth grade. It seems that more
kids are getting “hooked” on multiple activities at earlier ages than ever before. We have
summer sports and arts camps for kids as young as four years of age. The potential
downside for our music program is that the kids become totally dedicated to other
activities before they get a chance to join a music program.

Perfecting the Reed by Pat Diller
Located in Mendoza, Argentina, surrounded by the Andes Mountains and vineyards, stands the impressive cane fields of Gonzalez reeds. The fields produce an annual 450,000 to 500, 00 cane plants, making it the largest single cane field in the world. With no pesticides, herbicides, or agrochemicals, a pure “green” product is consistently delivered to reed players around the world.

Great Teaching: Something We All Should Aspire To by David Branson
To be a great teacher is a gift that continues to be received by students for a life time.