November 2009 Conn Selmer Articles

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Just another day at the office; How to get better results in concerts, auditions and other high-pressure performing situations- Part 1 of 4 by Jon Gorrie
"Just another day at the office..." was originally written for classical musicians as an aid in preparing for auditions and other solo performances. However, the information in this article can be applied to anyone in a 'high-pressure' performance situation.

Time for Grant Writing by Marcus L. Neiman
Who in their right mind would even considered thinking about writing grants during an economic downturn? Who indeed!

Conn-Selmer's Donation-From Kenosha to Vermillion: Preserving the Leblanc Legacy by Margaret Downie Banks
After Conn-Selmer agreed to donate the Leblanc Archive and various musical instruments to the National Music Museum (NMM) at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, seven staff members and students made two, 500-mile road trips to Kenosha, Wisconsin, in late June and mid-July 2008, to retrieve priceless historic artifacts and archival materials from the plant, prior to its imminent closure.