Help the Bay City Fire Department

Posted by Mr. H on Dec 14, 2009 - 08:34 AM  •  Filed under: important  •  4102 reads

The Bay City Fire Department is very close - but not quite there - to receiving a grant through this web link online fire safety quiz. They are "on the bubble" and can really use our help to have this grant opportunity from Liberty Mutual in the amount of $10,000.

In order to be successful, it requires completion of a 10-question quiz related to fire safety and then crediting the Bay City Fire Rescue. Entry is limited to one completed per email address - so an email address is required to participate. Please help them by participating in the quiz before December 21, 2009.
1) Go to:
2) (You can skip the video if you wish.)
3) Select "Help Your Fire Department Earn $10,000 "
4) Select "Get Started"
5) Complete the 10-question quiz
6) After, "Congratulations - you completed the quiz, hit "continue"
7) Enter the requested information (including email address to receive the confirmation email)
8) Upon receipt of the confirmation email, you'll be provided a link to select the Bay City Fire Rescue
9) Connect to the link and credit the Bay City Fire Rescue
Any questions, you may contact Ann at the Bay City Fire Department at 892-8601.