MSBOA State Solo & Ensemble Schedule

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The MSBOA High School State Solo and Ensemble Festival Schedule is posted below. The festival will take place at Okemos High School on Saturday, March 28, 2009. Students are responsible for their own transportation. Proficiency soloists should see THIS website for proficiency information. Remember that Proficiency II includes all the proficiency I scales, etc. See Mr. heydenburg if you have questions!

Google Map to Okemos High School

Festival: OKEMOS - Okemos HS
P011 1:40pm UPDATED Schindler Daniel - 9th Grade Solo - Trombone (#18437)
P005 2:32pm McMall Stephanie - Proficiency III Solo - Bb Clarinet (#18434)
P001 3:27pm Garwick Shelby - Ensemble-Sextet - Flute (#18447)
P001 3:51pm Sikes Latasha - Ensemble-Trio - Flute (#18445)
P004 4:07pm Phelps Alison - Chamber Ensemble - Chamber Woodwinds (#18448)
P007 4:43pm Costello John - 9th Grade Solo - Alto Sax (#18431)
P003 4:51pm Deyarmond Gabriel - Proficiency II Solo - Oboe (#18439)
P006 4:59pm Munsel Erin - Ensemble-Quartet - Alto Sax (#18446)
P004 5:03pm Phelps Alison - Proficiency II Solo - Bb Clarinet (#18438)
P007 5:07pm Costello John - 9th Grade Solo - Soprano Sax (#18433)