DStreet Entertainment Introduces Bandwagon Program

Posted by Mr. H on May 26, 2009 - 02:49 AM  •  Filed under: news  •  2432 reads

Dear Music Directors and Parents,

I am so excited to share with you a new program in our community to support music in our schools. In an effort to promote increased opportunity, and encourage greater participation in music, DStreet is promoting a new program called “Bandwagon”.
This program will aim to provide access to musical instruments and/ or equipment by utilizing donated property from present and former musicians. Think of it as a sort of “instrument library” for musicians. I would like to invite you and your students to help us, help you.

Read the rest - they're looking for some musicians for the Loons game on June 7.

The DStreet Foundation exists to promote and support musicians, music education and entertainment in our Communities. We strive to improve opportunity and visibility for not only those who are practicing musicians, but also to encourage and support those who dream of doing so.
DStreet will collect instruments from various donors or organizations - we will qualify them for their respective conditions, in terms of functionality and appearance, etc. - and then we will assign them to interested applicants.
DStreet will make every attempt to ensure that the instruments are assigned in some prioritized order based upon need. The focus of this program, after all, is to promote musical interest for those who otherwise might not be able to afford it.

We need your help. As a promotion for this program, we are inviting your students to perform at the Great Lakes Loons game at Dow Diamond on June 7th. We will have students outside the stadium before and after the game. They will set up “street musician” style. There is also a need for a group to play “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the 7th inning stretch. We will have signs with the musicians to tell the crowds about our program. There will be a tent set up to collect instrument donations and to answer any question for people who want to learn more about DStreet. All participating musicians will get a free lawn seat ticket to the game.

My next request is that you help get the word out. If you know students who need instruments, have them contact me. We have a growing library and would love to have the instruments off our shelves and in the hands of musicians. Also, if you know of any students that wish to donate an instrument we would like to fill those shelves back up with instruments as well and keep the stock available for others. DStreet also refurbishes instruments in poor condition before re-assigning them.
If you have students who may be interested in our program, please have them contact me at and I will coordinate performances. Please feel free to call me for questions. I can be reached at my office 989-631-5801. We have a limited number of spots available so first come first perform.

Thank you,

Kim Walden,

DStreet Foundation

Bandwagon Coordinator