Marching Band Softball Challenge

Posted by lil*fegan on Jun 19, 2009 - 04:25 PM  •  Filed under: highschool  •  2517 reads

On July 18th we are going to have a softball/kickball challenge after our Marching Band rehearsal. There will be two teams, Mr. Heydenburg's and Ms. Schlosser's. We are also hoping to have a cook out, but we will buy food after we collect money from people, so we will be buying the amount of food depending on how many people bring money. Please bring $3 or $4 dollars to cover the food costs. We will be having water and lemonade for beverages, if you would like pop or gatorade you are more than welcome to bring it. The food bought will be hot dogs and maybe nachos and cheese. Please talk to your parents and ask if you can stay longer to enjoy time with other band members. This is also a great way for the freshman to get to know the other members in band, so PLEASE stay and have some fun

Want to have fun with your fellow band mates?  Freshman, want to get to know more people in band?? This is the thing for you! Come out and have fun with other band members and just enjoy yourself! Read full article for all information! Hope to see you there!