July Conn-Selmer Articles and SBO Magazine

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Fundamentals of Legato by Phillip O. Paglialonga
There are four primary components to seamless legato: fingers, embouchure, wind and equipment. Each of these categories contributes to the overall sound of your legato in different ways.

Young Instrumentalists Should Learn To Sing So They Can Learn To Hear by Robert Rawlins, Ph.D.
Like many endeavors, becoming a fine instrumentalist requires a broad range of skills. Accurate hearing is among the most important. Unfortunately, many young instrumentalists feel self-conscious about singing and thus neglect a crucial aspect of their training.

Common Characteristics of Outstanding Orchestra by Jacquelyn Dillon-Krass
Tuning: Group tunes quietly and carefully, special attention is paid to careful tuning of basses and cellos, group tunes at the bottom...

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