Support Westernbands with Meijer Community Rewards

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How would you like to participate in a fundraiser that costs you nothing and takes little or none of your time?

Shop at Meijer?
Have a Meijer Credit Card?
Do you Spend $400 in gas and groceries per month? (most people spend more)
With a Meijer credit card, that equals $4donated back to the band program.
  • If 100 families do this, that is $400 per month for the band program.
  • The band program represents over 200 families
  • In 12 months, that is nearly $5000 for the band program!
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Anyone can participate – any city – including distant relatives and friends

Sign up online or in person at the store
  • Does not require Meijer credit card, but this increases reward to 1%
  • Can use cash or PIN-debit card for ½% reward with a Meijer 1 card (is not a credit/debit card)
  • Cannot use checks or other credit cards
  • Our organization number is 572796

You can support more than one program (like your church) if you are already supporting them. You can have up to three.

Meijer gas is included!

All money goes directly to the Western Band Parents Council

If you already have a Meijer credit card, call 800-962-7011to link your card

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