January & February Conn-Selmer Articles

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Loyalty by Dr. James Neilson
All persons concerned in this realm of loyalty – band instrument manufacturers, music dealers, students and their parents, and band directors – are linked together by a common loyalty to the art of music.

How to get better results in auditions and other high-pressure performing situations by Jon Gorrie Part 3 of 4
Visualization techniques can help you positively condition yourself to achieve an ideal state of mind, helping you to gain optimal results in your performing situations.

A Pedagogical Approach to Effective Individual Music Practice by Dr. Michael Magruder
This document is intended to assist individuals in the area of effectiveness related to practice. I have attempted to describe the components required to become efficient and effective in the area of individual music practice related to clarinet performance.

Just another day at the office… Part 4 of 4 by Jon Gorrie
By using the technique of Intense Positive Visualisation, you can experience your next audition, recital or 'high-pressure' performance as just another day at the office!

Tone & Musicality by Murray Panitz
Professionals, when they teach, generally instill into their pupils the proper respect, technically and tonally, for their instrument.

Thoughts on Musical Composition by Lucien Cailliet
By virtue of the definition of the ART itself, a work of ART must have before all: an educational value, as it must contribute to the exaltation of the inner esthetic sentiments of others by the communication of the impressions of the artist, THE ROLE OF THE ART BEING TO MAKE HUMANITY PROGRESS.