Modified HS Band Exam Schedule

Posted by Mr. H on Mar 01, 2010 - 01:06 PM  •  Filed under: highschool  •  2737 reads

The High School Bands' exam schedule has been modified in order to facilitate sufficient rehearsal time for band festival. Please read more for the full explanation.
Because the students will be attending additional rehearsal time on Thursday, March 4, they are excused from an equal amount of time on Friday, March 5. This has been approved by Mr. Heller. Students must enter and exit the building as directed by Mr. Heydenburg.

Concert Band:   
Thursday, March 4,20102:00– 3:15 PM1.25hrsrehearsal
Friday, March 5, 20108:45– 9:15 AM
0.5hrsrehearsal during standard exam period
Friday, March 5, 20105:40– 7:40 PM2.0hrsBand Festival Performance
 TOTALTIME:3.75hrs(standard exams are 1.75 hrs)
Symphonic Band:   
Thursday, March 4, 20108:00– 9:15 PM1.25hrsrehearsal
Friday, March 5, 20109:30– 10:00 AM0.5hrsrehearsal during standard exam period
Friday, March 5, 20107:40– 9:40 PM2.0hrsBand Festival Performance
3.75hrs(standard exams are 1.75 hrs)