May Conn-Selmer Articles

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The Jazz Big Band: Ingredients To Assure Good Ensemble Performances by Scott Cowan
Throughout my nearly twenty years of directing jazz big bands and observing a myriad of world class band leaders, I have observed a plethora of ingredients, so to speak, that have contributed to successful performances. The following ingredients reflect my observations.

The Flute Practice Techniques by Robert H. Willoughby
I strongly advocate practicing part of the time without vibrato. While it adds life to your playing, it also tends to obscure basic faults, such as lack of support. In addition, modern composers will often specifically request that a particular passage be played without vibrato. Likewise, in baroque music it should be used sparingly.

Warm Up Room or War Room? by Gary Gribble
The warm up room is a critical area that can make or break a performance. Personally, I advocate a calm approach that is identical to our daily rehearsal procedure. I want the students to feel prepared, comfortable, and focused prior to moving on stage.