June Conn-Selmer Articles

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Strengthening the Foundations of Students' Excellence, Integrity and Social Contribution by William M. Sullivan
College education is a highly formative experience. It proves eventful and life-shaping for students of any age. College provides a uniquely powerful moment in which students rethink their lives, expand their intellectual and cultural horizons, and focus on future goals, often in new ways.

Engaging Rehearsals to Enhance Music Making by David Branson
The purpose of this article is to present basic rehearsal design principles that can improve student engagement followed by a description of practical rehearsal techniques designed to empower students to become an integral part of the music-making process.

5 Steps to a Musical Performance by Randall D. Royer
Although they are many strategies and methods to learning a piece of music, whether as an individual studio teacher or as a director of a large ensemble, I have found “5 Steps” to be the most efficient and effective plan for learning and teaching music.