July Conn-Selmer Articles

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French Horn Clinic by Philip Farkas
Players continually experiment with instruments, mouthpieces and methods to enlarge the tone, and then revel in the fact that they have such a big tone. All this they do while conductors the world over gnash their teeth and frantically wave the brass down!

Sight Reading, Fright Reading, or Sight Guessing? by Gary Gribble
It is imperative that students develop a musical vocabulary that encompasses notes, rhythm, dynamics, stylistic concerns, knowledge of phrasing, and all of the aspects that go into a quality performance. This should be a regular part of your rehearsal routine.

You Want Band in the Community - Delayed Gratification and Citizenship by David Willson
Each year I see the directors in the country have more hurdles thrown at them making it harder to have band where they are. These hurdles start with national testing, new graduation requirements, scheduling, and the list is endless. We as a society need to sell the real value of band to all in the community instead of getting stuck on the spirit or public relations area that all see and recognize.