2015 MSBOA HS District S&E Results

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Congratulations to all the students that participated in MSBOA District Solo & Ensemble Festival on Saturday, February 7 at Owosso High School. See below for all the event results!

Western sent 55 events (more than ever!). 24 Division One, 29 Division Two, 1 Division Three, and One No Rating. All in all, and EXCELLENT showcase of that talent at Western! I am very proud of all the students that worked so hard to prepare their event!

State Solo & Ensemble Festival is on March 21, 2015 at Lapeer High School. Registration is due by Thursday, February 12 (very quickly!)
Time Leader Performers Ints. Perf. Type Rating
8:00 AM Nadia Swiecicki   Piano Piano Solo 1
8:00 AM Danielle Larsen Cassie Freeman Trumpet Duet 2
8:08 AM Alec Bailey Zach Urbanski Trombone Duet 2
8:08 AM Makayla Goss Abigale Lewis
Carah Bannister
Brass Ens Trio 2
8:24 AM Anna Cole Ryan Ralph
Cassie Freeman
Dan Hergenreader
Chase Packard
Brass Ens Quintet 1
8:32 AM Jarod Bruzewski Trenton Vogel Percussion Ens Duet 2
8:40 AM Alexis Terkeurst Meghan Jeske
Kassie White
Veronica Vandenberg
Christina Hilden
Selina Estrada
Justin Lesniak
Kaitlyn Schatzer
Jon Smerdon
Allysen Yurgaites
Sarah Holman
WW Choir Chamber Choir 1
8:48 AM Aaron Rajewski Hope Garcia
AJ Cuesta
Justen Self
Alto Saxophone Quartet 1
8:48 AM Anna Cole   Trumpet Solo 1
8:48 AM Jonathon Scanlan   Trombone Solo 1
8:56 AM Evan Barton   Snare Solo 2
9:04 AM Sarah Holman   Bb Clarinet Solo 1
9:04 AM Alexis Terkeurst Meghan Jeske Bb Clarinet Duet 2
9:28 AM Marea Wishowski Nadia Swiecicki
Ashlyn Pinter
Keira Damaska
Flute Quartet 2
9:28 AM Cailynn Aumock   Oboe Solo 2
9:28 AM Collin Bannister AJ Cuesta
Zach Jorck
Shantel Butterfield
Alto Saxophone Quartet 1
9:36 AM Kassie White   Bb Clarinet Solo 1
9:44 AM Justin Winchester   Horn Solo 2
9:44 AM Tyler Kilvington Conner Bloomfield Brass Ens Duet 3
10:31 AM Andrew Belger Nicholas Jacobs
Evan Barton
Kaleb Bruzewski
Luke Bruzewski
Percussion Ens Quintet 2
10:39 AM Christina Hilden   Bb Clarinet Solo 2
10:39 AM Chase Packard   Horn Solo 2
10:47 AM Tyler Kilvington Matthew Sape
Dakota Paten
Kelsey Doud
Trumpet Quartet 2
10:55 AM Emily Kayden   Trumpet Solo 1
10:55 AM Anna Cole Patrick Keeley Mixed Chamber Duet 2
11:03 AM Katie Dooley Megan Stecker Bb Clarinet Duet 2
11:03 AM Tyler Kilvington   Cor/Trp/Flg Solo 1
11:11 AM Spencer Bargeron   Trombone Solo 2
11:19 AM Justin Holloway   Trombone Solo 2
11:27 AM Alex Aspin Katarina Hilden
Breanna Summers
Chase Packard
Patrick Keeley
Woodwind Ens Quintet 1
11:35 AM Ryan Ralph   Trombone Solo 1
11:51 AM Alex Aspin Breanna Summers
Mark Martin
Flute Trio 1
11:51 AM Marybeth Pfund   Trombone Solo 1
11:51 AM Katarina Hilden   Bar/Euph Solo 1
1:00 PM Kassondra Frieders   Flute Solo 2
1:08 PM Abigale Lewis   Horn Solo 2
1:24 PM Troy McKee Elaina Ruegsegger Horn Duet 2
2:12 PM Grace Trombley   Oboe Solo 1
2:36 PM Patrick Keeley Katie Dooley
Skylar Ensing
Megan Stecker
Bb Clarinet Quartet 1
2:52 PM Selina Estrada   Bb Clarinet Solo 2
3:23 PM Kaitlyn Schatzer   Bb Clarinet Solo 2
3:31 PM Thomas Meier Matthew Sape Mixed Chamber Duet 2
3:39 PM Aaron Rajewski   Alto Saxophone Solo 1
3:39 PM Samuel Sieffert Johnathon Scanlan Trombone Duet NR
3:47 PM Paige McKenzie Elizabeth Youmans Tenor Saxophone Duet 2
3:47 PM David Winzeler Conner Bloomfield
Marybeth Pfund
Brady Wagner
Trombone Quartet 1
3:55 PM Hannah Bohlinger Collin Bannister Alto Saxophone Duet 2
3:55 PM Connor Bloomfield   Trombone Solo 1
3:55 PM Evan Barton Emily Bargeron Snare Duet 1
4:03 PM Lauren Hutter Kayla Hoyt
Alexis Barringer
Flute Trio 2
4:03 PM Benjamin Gillman   Marimba Solo 2
4:11 PM Kelsey Doud   Trumpet Solo 1
4:19 PM Lauren Hutter Alexis Barringer Flute Duet 2
4:35 PM Dakota Paten Kelsey Doud Trumpet Duet 2
4:51 PM Brittany Boswell Autumn Arsenault Baritone Saxophone Duet 1