MSBOA 2017 District S&E Results

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Congratulations to all the students that participated in MSBOA District Solo & Ensemble Festival on Saturday, February 12 at St. Johns High School. See below for all the event results!

Western registered 63 events (more than ever!). 35 Division One, 22 Division Two, 2 Division Three, 2 Scratches and 2 No Shows. All in all, and EXCELLENT showcase of the talent at Western! I am very proud of all the students that worked so hard to prepare their event!

State Solo & Ensemble Festival is on March 18, 2017 at Lapeer High School. Registration is due by Thursday, February 16 (very quickly!). See Mr. Heydenburg or Mrs. Vandergraaff to pick up a registration form.
Leader Performers Event Rating
Lauren Hull Emily Gradowski
Alexis Pearce
Kamryn Scott
Alec Bailey
Euphonium Quintet 1
Kelsey Doud Trumpet Solo 1
Jonathan Scanlan Christopher Ott Trombone Duet 2
Lauren McFarland Piano Solo 1
Keira Damaska Flute Solo 2
Sarah Holman Clarinet Solo 1
Dakota Paten Kelsey Doud Trumpet Duet 2
Kayla Hoyt Allyson Houlihan Tuba Duet 2
Zach Jorck Bassoon Solo 1
Carah Bannister Trumpet Solo 1
Danielle Paten Clarissa Martin Marimba Duet 1
Katelyn Doud Oboe Solo 1
Nathan Summers Snare Solo 2
Skylar Ensing Kassie White
Kristina Strachan
Abbie Pinter
Clarinet Quartet 2
Brandon Rabadue Snare Solo 1
Kamryn Scott Piano Solo 2
Collin Bannister Christina Miller Saxophone Duet 1
Jolene Botzau Kylie Chase
Catherine Bloomfield
Clarinet Trio 2
Jacob Saenz Alek Zielinski Trumpet Duet 2
Kayla Hoyt Carah Bannister
Kelsey Doud
Abigale Lewis
Connor Bloomfield
Brass Quintet 1
Katelyn Doud Piano Solo 2
Catherine Bloomfield Clarinet Solo 2
Jolene Botzau Kylie Chase Clarinet Duet 2
Christina Hilden Clarinet Solo NS
Abigale Lewis Elaina Ruegsegger Horn Duet 1
Danielle Paten Marimba Duet 1
Tricia Depcinski Kassie White Clarinet Duet NS
Lauren Luptowski Paige Pilarski Trumpet Duet 2
Jarret Deming Jory Brickel Saxophone Duet 2
Alexis Pearce Kamryn Scott Euphonium Duet 1
Keira Damaska Ashlyn Pinter Flute Duet 3
Kassondra Frieders Bassoon Solo 2
Garrick Pashak Trumpet Solo 2
Lauren Hull Euphonium Solo 1
Emily Kayden Trumpet Solo 1
Connor Bloomfield Trombone Solo 1
Lauren McFarland Trumpet Solo 1
Emily Gradowski Euphonium Solo 2
Rebecca Wenglikowski Bassoon Solo 1
Hannah Bohlinger Collin Bannister
Gavin Swiecicki
Elizabeth Youmans
Saxophone Quartet 1
Abbie Pinter Clarinet Solo 2
Justin Winchester Horn Solo 2
Kayla Hoyt Tuba Solo 1
Cailynn Aumock Oboe Solo 1
Skylar Ensing Kassie White Clarinet Duet 3
Connor Bloomfield Alec Bailey
Daniel Marks
Jonathan Scanlan
Trombone Quartet 1
Benjamin Gillman Marimba Solo 1
Andrew Naert Snare Solo 1
Eric Urbaniak Benjamin Gillman
Anrew Naert
Snare Trio 1
Benjamin Gillman Snare Solo 1
Eric Urbaniak Snare Solo 1
Selina Estrada Larissa Madaj
Eileen Kelly
Jayden Burkhart
Clarinet Quartet 1
Eileen Kelly Rylinne Baker Woodwind Duet 1
Selina Estrada Clarinet Solo 2
Lauren Hutter Flute Solo 1
Genevieve Frye Hannah Kaiser Saxophone Duet 1
Selina Estrada Larissa Madaj Clarinet Duet 2
Zach Jorck Katelyn Doud
Alexis Barringer
Kristina Strachan
Justin Winchester
Woodwind Quintet 1
McKenzie Wright Tanner Duley
Christian Scaggs
Trombone Trio 2
Alexis Barringer Lauren Hutter
Stephanie Borus
Kennedy Sage
Flute Quartet 1
Lauren Hutter Alexis Barringer Flute Duet 1