Calling all Section Leaders...

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If Section Leaders will send me a private message on the site here I will get you a phone list so you can be in contact with your section members. Other SLT members need not do this - just Section Leaders.

YouTube Video of St. Pats 2008

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I found this by accident on YouTube...

UPDATE 6/29: Boots says it was from 2008, not 2007. Headline corrected.

June Conn Selmer Articles

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An Ethic for Secondary School Music Educators by Dr. James Neilson

It is the responsibility of secondary school music educators to interpret and teach the art and language of music to students in those ways that will serve the students best interests, and through student performing to provide inspiration and entertainment for the general public when time and circumstances permit this to be done.

Our perceptions of hearing by Charles Martyn

Our perceptions of hearing do indeed differ. It always fascinates me to gather the impressions of what people have heard following a truly outstanding performance. Some can be critical while others are absolutely uncritical of what has transpired. Many are only loaded with superlatives. But how often do we hear perceptive insights regarding the pedagogy involved in making an outstanding ensemble?

Tone Production and Resonance by Gary Gray

The flute is more closely related to the human voice than any other musical instrument. While the strings may seem to be more closely related because of their ability to span wide melodic intervals without a noticeable break, the mechanics of tone production on the flute are almost exactly parallel to those involved with the voice.

Regarding Senior Open Houses...

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A couple items here: first, seniors are welcome to submit their open house announcement as a calendar item on the website here if they wish to. Understand that you would be, in effect, inviting anyone who reads this site, but you are still welcome to do that. To do so, find the appropriate date on the calendar and click on the little plus sign for that date. The item will not appear immediately as it must be approved first. Be sure to list an address, but it is not necessary to list a phone, etc.

Second, I would like to thank all of you that have invited me to your open house. Please understand that my family's calendar fills up very quickly for the summer (Grandparents can be very demanding, you know). It will be impossible for me to attend most of the open houses. Please do not be personally insulted if I can't attend yours, but do attend someone else's. It has nothing to do with how important you are to me and everything to do with how important my family obligations are. I do my best to attend a few and figure I will see most, if not all of you, at those few. I appreciate your understanding!

Commencement 2008 Details for the Band

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Date: Sunday, June 1, 2008

Time: Ceremony: 1:00 pm

Band begins playing: 1:00 pm

Arrival: 12:40 pm (percussion 12:15)

Ends: roughly 2:30 pm

Location: Stadium or Gym if rain

continue reading for the rest of the details.


Interesting Links

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This Website has many topics for trumpet players. There are many useful techniques and helpful tips related to the trumpet. There are multiple links on this website.

The links vary from getting back in shape to double-buzz. Trumpet Topics

This website has the most popular bugle calls that are used in the army. People looking to join the army and don't think they could continue on with music are wrong, and this website gives you all you need to be a musician in the army. There are a lot of different calls and the sheet music and a sample of the music is on this site. There are also other links from this website that take you to other trumpet topics and tell you more about instruments in the army. (provided link not valid [] try This one

This website has a bunch of free downloads of sheet music for trumpet ensembles. This would be a very good website to help find music maybe for solo and ensemble, ensembles for other events, or just for a fun thing to do. Music is pretty expensive to buy, and this is a completely free website that you can just download the sheet music on. Dave Taylor Music

I hope these sites help someone with something. I found these sites to be useful and hopefully someone else will too.

Interesting Links

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Becoming an Effective Leader

Leadership is often described as a process of influence. There are certain attributes that help a leader influence others. An inspiring leader should have good character, motives, values, and skills. Some of these traits are already known, but there are many traits that leaders need to learn. In reality, what a leader knows is very little compared to what they still have to learn. In order to learn these things faster, it is very important for a leader to be open minded to new ideas. The process of being an effective leader is continuous, so it is important that leaders continue to strive for the knowledge of the qualities of a good leader.

Effective Leadership

Qualities of a Good Leader

The structure of a leader is very important. A leader should be respectful, driven, and a team player. If a leader is respected, then they are respected back. If a leader is driven, the others in the organization will be inspired and have that same drive. If a leader is a team player, it makes it much easier and more enjoyable to work with people. Being a good football player doesn’t always mean that they would be a good coach. The qualities listed above are three of many other qualities that help define a good leader.

Leadership Qualities


The leadership position gives you authority and simply makes you the boss. Having the power of leadership does not automatically make you a good leader. An effective leader should strive to be a good leader and have the desire to lead others. Leaders should want their followers to achieve their goals, not just simply stand there and boss people around. Good leaders are constantly trying to improve their skills to make themselves more respectable leaders and to be able to inspire others.

Concepts of Leadership

Let's Hear it for the Kazoo

The kazoo is often overlooked as a musical instrument. In fact, it is just as low in the instrument approval scale as the accordian. Even though it seems like a toy for children today to play with, the kazoo has much older lineage. The roots of the kazoo are in Africa, where is was used to disguise voices for story telling and other rituals. It was made from a cow\'s horn, with a vibrating membrane from the egg shells of spiders covering the hole. The kazoo even appeared in European orchestras in the 17th and 18th centuries, where it was known as the mirliton. Later, it travelled to America where it received its name from an African-American inventor named Alabama Vest.

John Cech Kazoo Article

Band Pictures Are In!

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The High School Band Pictures have arrived and are available for pickup immediately. Students should make sure they pick them up during their exam period (seniors too!). Pictures WILL NOT be mailed.

MCFTA Offers Summer Theory Class

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The Midland Center for the Arts will off a summer Music Theory Class for local high school and middle school students.

Classes will meet beginning June 16 and continue until July 4 and meet at the Midland Center for the Arts. The Music Theory beginning class will meet 1-2 p.m. and the advanced class will meet from 3-4 p.m.

Music Theory Class Application

Awards and Audition Results 2007-2008

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A review of all the Awards and Audition results that were announced at the band banquet on Thursday, May 22 is available in our download area as a PDF file. If you missed the banquet, you may want to check and see if you made it!

May Conn-Selmer Articles

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True professionalism: What does it mean in music education? by Dr. Edwin C. Kruth

The professional is someone who has something to profess, and he or she does so with certain attitudes and behaviors that characterize the specific role to be played. The primary tool is talent. It is the degree of manipulation of this tool that determines the success of the professional.

Choosing the Repertoire Archeology for the Band Conductor by Daniel A. Belongia

REPERTOIRE determines the depth and breadth of musical opportunities for our students.

The Development of a Beginning Grade School Band by Dr. William L. Johnston

Probably our greatest aim in developing a beginning grade school band is to offer experiences to every child involved that will tend to develop those qualities which will aid that child in becoming a well-rounded, balanced, mature adult.

Uniforms Due Friday, May 16

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All High School Students and their parents are reminded that all Uniforms are due by Friday, May 16, 2008. Please have your uniform professionally dry-cleaned before returning it.

Al Jarreau

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Al Jarreau is a vocalist that uses his voice more like an instrument. He's getting pretty old now, but in the late 70's and early 80's he was very popular. This video has some great solos as well - piano, drums... great all around! Enjoy!

Rafael Mendez part 2

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In the third installment of the Rafael Mendez special entitled "The Trumpet," Mendez discusses his amazing finger dexterity and breath control, and then to illustrate these concepts he plays Flight of the Bumble Bee (with a super close-up on his fingers) and an excerpt from The Mexican Hat Dance (played entirely in one breath).
In this fourth installment of the Mendez Trumpet series, Mendez plays the virtuoso violin piece Zigeunerweisen. Mendez is in top form, which is pretty amazing considering how much he's already played and how out of breath he is from playing the Flight of the Bumble Bee in one breath just moments before. This piece showcases Mendez's brilliant lyrical abilities as well as his unrivaled technique. This performance is truly the work of the Master.

Bohemian Rhapsody

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Bohemian Rhapsody, sung by everyone else (everyone who shouldn't be singing it). Very funny.

Rafael Mendez - Trumpet Extraordinaire!

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Rafael Mendez performs Scherzo in D Minor in the first of a four part video called "The Trumpet".

In this second installment of the Rafael Mendez special entitled "The Trumpet," Mendez begins with discussing the origins of the trumpet and then plays an exceptional rendition of the third movement of the Haydn trumpet concerto.

The Way Music Should Be Performed!

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The Venezuelan National Orchestra is AMAZING! I watched a "60 Minutes" Story about it the other day. Makes me want to move there... except for the abject poverty... Anyway - CHECK THIS OUT!

Beat Box Mario Flute

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Here's a fun video:

Band Parents Council Meeting

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Please come to the last Band Parents Council of the year this Wednesday, April 23 at 7:00 PM in the Middle School band room. There will be information on the recent Rummage Sale, the Car raffle, plans made for the upcoming HS Band banquet and election of officers for next year. If you would like to be involved, please come to the meeting! We try to keep meetings to approximately on hour.

Middle School Solo & Ensemble Results

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Several members of the 7th and 8th grade bands performed at District Solo & Ensemble Festival in Alma on April 12, 2008. Every student received a medal for their performance. Congratulations!


Best Trumpet Section

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The Bay City Western High School Jazz Band Trumpet section was awarded the "Best Trumpet Section" distinction at the Eleventh Annual Alma College Phi Mu Alpha Jazz Festival. The section is comprised of Megan Barnard (12), Danielle LeFevre (10), Rachel Switala (10) and Kerry Reynolds (9). The Band performed Tickletoe and Channel One Suite which had very demanding trumpet parts. Congrats to the section for a tremendous performance!

Kaleidoscope Winterguard is Famous!

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Kaleidoscope Winterguard made the bay city times on monday April 7, 2008. They were featured in a story about Winterguard State Championships at SVSU this past weekend. There is also a Video and Audio Slideshow that goes along with the article on It is really cool, Megan Culberson, Dana G. and Jackie Greene are featured talking about their experiences. Please check it out and give all of the girls involved a round of applause for a job well done!!!

Link to Story

Footnote: Congrats Kaleidoscope! -Mr. H

April Conn-Selmer Articles

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Repertoire Repercussions by Patricia George

Recently I was teaching a flute masterclass at a weekend band camp. I was working on having the students play repetitions of sequential scale patterns at a varying of number of times and realized that the students had difficulty executing the passage four times, six times or eight times.

Practically Perfect Practicing by Robert Jesselson

Practicing is the process of acquiring new skills and making them into good habits. It is really just a set of learned behavior patterns and responses. Good practicing requires thoughtful self-analysis and self-criticism in the process of improving your ability.

When Festival Fever Strikes, It Is A Sure Cure For The Winter Blahs by Shirley Strohm Mullins

Every year about this time I catch a mysterious malady called Festival Fever. Strangely enough, it is one disease I anticipate with great pleasure. It is a sure cure for the after-holidays letdown and usually carries me straight through to spring break.

WBPC Rummage Sale

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rummagec.gifThe Western Band Parents Council is sponsoring a Rummage Sale Fundraiser for the Western Bands.

Wednesday, April 16 – Friday, April 19

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Set up will take place on Monday, April 14 & Tuesday, April 15 from 2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Donations accepted then as well.

See this page on our site for more information

HS Requirements Presentation Available

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Copies of the presentation I made to Eighth Grade Band parents are now posted in our downloads area in multiple formats. The PDF version is the most highly recommended. The information is valuable to all current band students and their parents as well as students in other fine arts related fields such as choir or art. Take a look!