Pocasts posted

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Podcasts of the January 11 rehearsals have been posted to the Podcast page. It is still very early in the rehearsal process, but you can hear the beginnings of great music! enjoy your weekend.

Band Parent Meeting - Wednesday, January 9

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There will be a meeting of the Band Parent Council on Wednesday, January 9 at 7:00 PM in the Middle School Band Room. Important topics include recent success in Grant Funding, Band Festival Planning, and more. All parents of Western Band students are welcome! Please come!

Rafael Mendez Part 2

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In the third installment of the Rafael Mendez special entitled "The Trumpet," Mendez discusses his amazing finger dexterity and breath control, and then to illustrate these concepts he plays Flight of the Bumble Bee (with a super close-up on his fingers) and an excerpt from The Mexican Hat Dance (played entirely in one breath).

In this fourth installment of the Mendez Trumpet series, Mendez plays the virtuoso violin piece Zigeunerweisen. Mendez is in top form, which is pretty amazing considering how much he's already played and how out of breath he is from playing the Flight of the Bumble Bee in one breath just moments before. This piece showcases Mendez's brilliant lyrical abilities as well as his unrivaled technique. This performance is truly the work of the Master.

Noted Website: McCracken Middle School Band

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site: McCracken Middle School Band

This site is well designed and features a Middle School band in Skokie, Illinois. The band is apparently very good as they have been featured at many high profile events and the literature they select is music that is typically reserved for High Schools. There are links to many resources and information as well. Take a minute and check it out!

School Cancelled Monday, December 17

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Bay City Public Schools will be closed on Monday, December 17 due to inclement weather.

December Conn-Selmer Articles

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The Happy Classroom Part 3 by William Gourley

You Get What You Expect.

Read Part 1 | Read Part 2

The Changing Instrumental Rehearsal by Gary Wolfman

A different approach to teaching performance-based classes.

Tapping Into Tambourine Technique by Cary Nasatir

Like many auxiliary percussion instruments, the tambourine can present some real challenges for a young player.

Bay Music Foundation

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All Band students are reminded that they can compete in the Bay Music Foundation's annual Scholarship competition. Scholarships can be used for music camps, instrument purchase and private lessons and can be as high as $600. The competition is in February, 2008, but the applications will be due in January. Please visit their site for more information. Grades 6-12 are eligible to compete.

Bay Commitment Scholarship Information

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High School Seniors that intend to go to college at Delta or Saginaw Valley should investigate the Scholarship being offered by the Bay Commitment Organization. The Application is available from their website.

Band Trip To Ann Arbor

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We will be going to Ann Arbor today. See you at the school at about 9:00 AM! We are leaving at 9:30 AM.

MSU & CMU Honors Bands

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Congratulations to Melissa Rutzen (Junior - Clarinet) for being selected into the Central Michigan Univeristy Honors Band. The Honors band performed November 18, 2007 at CMU.

Also Congratulations to Michael Jarema (Senior - Percussion) and Melissa Rutzen (Junior - Clarinet) for being selected into the Michigan State University Honors Band. These students will perform at MSU on January 5 & 6, 2008.

Thanks to all the Western Students that auditioned!

MSBOA All-State Ensembles Announced

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Congratulations to the following Western Middle School and High School Students for being selected to the Third Annual MSBOA All-State Ensembles.

Mike Jarema - Percussion - All State High School Orchestra - 2nd chair

John Costello - Alto Saxophone - All State Middle School Band - 6th chair

Matt Costello - Trumpet - All State Middle School Band - 2nd chair

Daniel Schindler - Trombone - All State Middle School Band - 5th chair

Austin Ballor - Tuba - All State Middle School Band - 3rd chair

All five students will be performing at the Annual Michigan Music Conference to be held in Grand Rapids at the Amway Grand on January 24 - 26

Thank you to all the Western Students that Auditioned!

Shirt Orders

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You can download PDF files of the shirt order forms from this page. Be sure to download both designs. Please remember that all orders are due by Monday, December 3 and all checks should be made payable to Western BPC. You can view the design (in color) on the order form.

New Podcasts

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New podcasts of the High School Concert Band, Symphonic Band and Jazz Band have been posted. They are all recordings of the November 20, 2007 rehearsal. Enjoy!

Winter Guard Practices

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Winter guard practices will begin tuesday November 27 from 6-9 pm. then following every tuesday and thursday from 6-9pm.

Location is To be announced. You will receive a schedule for the rest of the season on that tuesday night. Can't wait to see everybody there.

New Photos!

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Mrs. Miller has just finished posting a bunch of pictures in our photo gallery. Check out the photos of Homecoming, Central Game, Midland Showcase and Bandorama! Thanks Mrs. Miller!

November Conn-Selmer Articles

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There's a secret formula for success lurking in your bandroom; the PPM by William Collins, D.M.A.

Passive positive motivators (PPM) quietly purse excellence and, in the process, influence others around them to achieve excellence as well.

Part III: Protagonists and Spectators: "One Band! One Sound!" by John Picone


Read Part I: Protagonists and Spectators

Read Part II: Protagonists and Spectators

The Happy Classroom Part 2 by William Gourley

Examine how music education influences the young musician's relationship with others - peers and adults - as well as her relationship with the surrounding world of popular culture.

Read The Happy Classroom Part 1

Parent Meeting Tuesday, October 30

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The Band Parents Council will meet on Tuesday, October 30 at 7:00 pm in the Middle School Band Room. Please plan to attend. Thanks!

MSBOA All-State Audition Schedule

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Bay City Showdown Itinerary

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The busses will leave Western around 4:30 PM on Friday. Students need to be in full uniform (WITH RAINCOAT) to get on the bus. Please check your hemline as there are several students that have shrunk since uniform inspection and now have their pants hanging below their shoes! (grrr). We will arrive at Central and go directly to their stadium where we will rehearse at 5:00 PM. At about 5:45 we will have some "social time" with the BCC Band ("Get to know me!") in their cafeteria and then line up to march to the field about 6:25. All this will be IN UNIFORM. Following the game, we will be immediately boarding the bus and driving to Auburn. I hope to arrive around 10:00 PM, but this time cannot be guaranteed. Parents - please do not have students call you after they reach Western, have them call you on a cell phone when we leave Central, so you can meet us on time.

Students that would like to ride HOME with their parent must have a note signed by a parent and signed by an administrator and given to me by 2:20 PM on Friday. All students are epxected to ride the bus TO Central. Thanks for your cooperation!

Bandorama Organizational Meeting

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There will be an organizational meeting for this year's Bandorama on Tuesday, October 16 @ 8:15 PM in the High School Band Room. I hope it will only take one hour. All parents interested in participating in anyway (i.e. helping), should please attend.

Midland Marching Showcase Itinerary [UPDATED 2X]

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Midland Marching Showcase Itinerary:

Wednesday, October 10, 2007:

UPDATE 10/9: Eat before we leave. There will be no food available.

loading: 4:30 PM

leaving: 5:00 PM (students in uniform) WITH RAINCOAT

arriving Midland: 5:20 PM

unloading: 5:20 – 5:40 PM

sitting: 5:50 PM

Performing: 8:45 PM

loading: 9:30 PM

departing Midland: 9:45 PM

arriving BCW: 10:10 PM

Please have all parents at Western by 10:10 PM.

UPDATE 10/8: Full schedule of all performing bands posted below (click read more)


New Photos!

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New photos have been added to our photo album From both CMU Band Day (thanks Mrs. M.) and Senior Night. Be sure to add your comments!

Friday Rehearsal begins at 4:00 PM [UPDATED]

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This Friday's after-school rehearsal will begin at 4:00 PM (instead of 4:30). This is because we could not get a drill rehearsal in on Tuesday night due to lightning and rain. Students that have athletic conflicts are asked to be there as soon as possible (work with your coach) and do not need to make pre-arrangements with Mr. Heydenburg. Thank you for your understanding.

UPDATE: 11:25 AM: Reminder that there is a spaghetti supper fundraiser event on Friday in the WHS Commons. This dinner is a fundraiser for WHS Alum Chad Clark who was involved in a motorcycle accident in July. He has been in the ICU/Trauma Unit at U of M and still remains there today. He has suffered a broken hip, back, wrist, collar bone, scapula, and appears to be paralyzed from the waist down. All Band students are strongly encouraged to help this family by eating supper here on Friday. Please bring your whole family!

Sophomores & Juniors

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Sophomores and Juniors: Sign up in the guidance office now to take the PSAT on October 20th at 8:00a.m. This test will enter you into the National Merit Scholarship Competitions and will predict your SAT scores. You will need the PSAT or the PLAN test in order to dual enroll in high school. See your counselor if you have any questions. Test is $15.00 and the deadline to sign up is October 14th.

Footnote: I strongly recommend ALL BAND MEMBERS complete the PSAT in order to provide you flexibility in scheduling classes later in your High School career.

October Conn-Selmer Articles

Posted by Mr. H on Sep 24, 2007 - 12:27 PM  •  Filed under: news
The Happy Classroom Part 1 by William Gourley

In the case of the music instructor we are concerned with how we encourage students to stay in our programs year after year.

Part II: Protagonists and Spectators: The Bard Looks At Beethoven by John Picone

Let's look at the relationship between the musician and the meat and potatoes of music education.

Extending Range and Endurance in Young Brass Players by Bobby Thorp

The subject of extending range and endurance in young brass players is a hot topic for music educators.