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I came across this video from a fellow band director's website. -H

"This is a very special music number taken from the film Ship Ahoy with music geniouses Buddy Rich on drums, trumpet solo by Ziggy Elman, clarinet by Johnny Mince, Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra and the Queen of Tap: Eleanor Powell. Wonderful music and beautiful dance moves."

Link to Video

September Conn-Selmer Articles

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Protagonists and Spectators: The Bard Looks At Beethoven by John Picone

What happens in a music studio happens nowhere else in a school.

Developing Better Musicians Through Curriculum Design by William W. Gourley

Creating a curriculum does not have to be an overwhelming task

How to Choose a Good Set of Cymbals by Gene Markiewicz

This article will focus on the actual cymbals and what I recommend to choose good sounding drum set cymbals

Drumline Rehearsal Change

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The Drumline rehearsals have been changed as a result of some conflicts that arose with members and staff. All Drumline rehearsals will now be on Tuesdays from 4:00-6:00 PM. (The website calendar has been updated to reflect this change). The change was not made lightly and all students were consulted before making the decision. Students were asked to discuss the change with parents before agreeing. Students were given the opportunity to object to the change and there was no objection. Thank you to the parents and students for your flexibilty in the change of the schedule.

Foundation, schools to help send local kids to college

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More than 1,100 Bay City Public Schools employees gathered at Western High School today to hear how the district and the Bay Area Community Foundation have teamed up to offers scholarships worth $2,000 to 100 graduates of the class of 2008.

It's no Kalamazoo Promise, but Bay City leaders are hoping the Bay Commitment will inspire more high school graduates to go to college - especially those whose parents aren't college-educated themselves.

Read the whole story at

High School First Week Information [UPDATED 2X]

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High School Students are asked to bring their instruments, music, drill charts and all necessary supplies the very first day of school. Remember that our first week of school will be VERY busy:
Tuesday, Sept. 4
 Drumline rehearsal4 - 6 PM
 Full Band DRESS rehearsal7 - 9 PM
Wednesday, Sept. 5
 Band Parents Meeting7 PM
Thursday, Sept. 6
 Full Band rehearsal7 - 9 PM
Friday, Sept. 7
 Full Band rehearsal4:30 - 5:30 PM
 Football!!!6:30 - 9:30 PM
Saturday, Sept. 8
 CarwashAll Day

High School Jazz Band:
First class will be on Wednesday, Sept. 5 at class begins at 6:36 6:31 AM. We will also meet on Friday, Sept. 7 at 6:36 6:31 AM.

UPDATE 8/27 11:30 AM:
Updated High School Grading Policy and Acknowledgement Form as well as other policy documents are available in the Policy Area of the Download Page.

UPDATE 8/29 4:30 PM:
HS Jazz Band will begin at 6:31 AM (previously listed incorrectly)
First Week schedule: Tues 9/4 is a Monday schedule, Wednesday is Tuesday schedule, etc.


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The new lockers are being installed at school. I managed to get some secret spy-photos. I added them to the previous photos in the New Construction IV photo album. Check 'em out!

School Equipment Drop-off

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Students that have school equipment at their house because they volunteered to 'store' it over the summer due to construction are requested to return it to the school on Tuesday, August 28 between Noon and 2:00 PM or between 6:30 and 7:30 PM. If a student is playing the instrument in a school ensemble, they can hold on to the instrument until school begins if they wish.

Please take the instrument to the North end of the building and check in to the High School Band Room. Some instruments will need to be carried from there to the new Middle School Band Room. Someone will be there to direct you accordingly. :-)

Formal Pictures Posted - UPDATED

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Formal Pictures taken at band camp are now posted. I will work on the candids when I get more time (e.g. next week). This year, I have uploaded larger sizes in case you want to print out your own. To see the larger size, click on the thumbnail, then click again on the intermediate size and you will get the larger version. Of course, half the fuin in the photo gallery is leaving your comments! Enjoy.

UPDATE (8/13 4:15 PM): I have just finished posting a bunch of candid pictures as well as making available pictures taken by the Geyers and the Arendts. Get busy leaving your whitty comments!

July & August Conn-Selmer Articles

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Left Hand Development by Denny Hair

The need for left hand development comes from the unevenness of the hands when drumming.

Honks, Squeaks, and Proper Clarinet Voicing by Thomas Ridenour

Fine characteristic tone and good tuning are essential to the success of any clarinetist.

The Clarinet Embouchure by Dr. Edwin C. Kruth

The clarinet embouchure is one of the most widely misused and misunderstood aspects of clarinet playing.

Warm-Up Procedures for the Brass Player by James Neilson

Technical competence is achieved only when there is adequate preparation.

Timpani Tuning: Developing Aural Acuity by Al Payson

There are two aspects of learning to tune timpani.

Michigan school district cracks down on cellphones, iPods

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A Detroit-area school district is getting tough on students who use cellphones or iPods in school, punishing them with automatic suspensions for breaking the rules.

Instead of having the items confiscated or serving a detention — as most school districts do — students in the Plymouth-Canton (Mich.) Community Schools now will be suspended one day for a first violation and up to five days for four or more violations. Read the rest of the story >>>.

Herters Music Center Sale August 2, 3 & 4

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Pre-back to school sale. Stuff at historically low prices. Really good prices - check it out!


Camp Issues

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Medicines: Students are not allowed to self-medicate (prescription and/or non-prescription). A new policy for MDI/EpiPens has been created - students will be able to carry them, but they must still be checked in and usage logged. All medicines (including over-the-counter) should be placed in a ziplock bag with the student's name written on it. Please leave prescriptions in their original container (with the student's name on it, etc.). In the bag, please provide written instructions on how the student should take the medication if it differs from the directions on the bottle. Please turn in the bag to the Camp Nurse when arriving at the bus to leave school (the Nurse - Mrs. Costello - will be standing with Ms. Schlosser). If you have specific health concerns, you may speak with Mrs. Costello about them at that time. (See Medical Policy in our downloads area).

Departure: The busses will leave at 12 noon exactly and will not wait for students to arrive. If a student misses the bus they should drive to camp and meet us there. Plan to assist in the loading of your own bags and instrument between 11:15 and 11:45 AM. Eat Lunch before you arrive at school!

Weather: [Weather Forecast] Please be aware that we take reasonable precautions to account for weather. We will, however, continue to work as much as the weather will allow.

Uniform Distribution - Wednesday 7/25

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Uniforms will be distributed to all High School Band members on Wednesday, July 25 according to the following schedule:

Seniors: 2:00 PM

Juniors: 2:45 PM

Sophomores: 3:30 PM

Freshman A–M: 4:30 PM

Freshman N–Z: 5:30 PM.

Please arrive at your appointed time and plan about one hour to complete the task. If you cannot attend at your scheduled day/time, contact Mr. Heydenburg.

Counselor Cabin Assignments

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The cabin assignments document has been updated, but I'll save you the trouble of downloading it:

Cabin A: Mr. Jarema

Cabin B: Mr. Sikes & Mr. Costello

Cabin C: Mr. Arendt

Cabin D: Mr. McCarthy

Cabin E: Mrs. McMall

Cabin F: Mrs. Appold

Cabin G: Mrs. Arendt

Cagin H: Mrs. Geyer

Hotel #8: Mrs. Switala

Hotel #9: Mrs. Schindler

Marching Band Solo Music [updated]

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I have posted music for all the Marching Band solos in our download area. The solos are open to any brass player (except tuba :) ). Auditions will be held during free time at band camp. Students with solos memorized will be given higher consideration. Download them now and start practicing!

UPDATE 7/22: The solos are incorrectly noted as being from "Magical Mystery/Hard Day" When they should say "Eleanor Rigby" - but I'm not redoing them just for that, cause well. I'm lazy. Enjoy. :P

New Member Photos!

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Photos of the new members of the High School Band have been posted in our photo gallery. Use this opportunity to get to know our new family members and learn names!

note, that I am still missing a few and probably won't get them for a week or more.

The Middle School Band Room has tile!

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Important to SLT Members

Posted by Mr. H on Jul 12, 2007 - 11:39 AM  •  Filed under: important
Student Leadership Team Members - there is no SLT Meeting on Saturday (It had been mistakenly entered in to the website calendar - but is now removed). Please plan to attend the regular rehearsal at 1:00 and the social activity!

Also - SLT members should CALL their sections to make sure they know what is going on for Saturday and Sunday! Try your best to talk to a human being instead of the answering machine.

Even More New Pictures

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More Pictures!

Posted by Mr. H on Jul 09, 2007 - 06:10 AM  •  Filed under: fun
I have posted a few more pictures of the current state of the band room(s) and the progress of the construction. take a look!

The Plan!

Posted by Mr. H on Jul 09, 2007 - 05:59 AM  •  Filed under: highschool
Well, the music is decided! Here is what we will be playing for our shows this fall:

Main Show (Sept. 7)

Guest Appearance by WHS Pom Pons (recorded music)

Some part of the following (not all):

Magical Mystery Tour/A Hard Day's Night

Eleanor Rigby


Can't Buy Me Love/Magical Mystery Tour

Eighth Grade Show (Sept. 14)

Part of Main Show (TBD) plus:

Rock and Roll All Night

Shout it Out Loud

CMU Band Day Show (Sept. 22) (optional performance)

Eighth Grade show Kiss songs plus:

Beth/Detroit Rock City

CMU Fight Song

Senior Show (Sept. 28)


Jump, Jive and Wail

Jump on It

Midland Showcase (Oct. 10)

Main Show (All + circle run on)

Homecoming Show (Oct. 12)


Soundpower Fanfares

Homecoming Central Show (Oct. 19)

Parts of Main Show

2007 Summer Letters Coming Soon! [Updated]

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The 2007 Summer Letter will be arriving in your snail-mail box early next week. In the meantime, you can check it out early if you like by downloading it from the website. In addition, mailings will go out to all Student Leadership Team Members and Chaperones as well. All of these letters (except Chaperones') are available to download as well. If you do not receive your letter, please make sure you notify me of your changed address. (The letters are addressed to your parents as well, so they may open it first - ask them).

Early next week I will try to post more information including links to the music we will be playing. The seniors are working hard on their show and have made a lot of progress. Check back often for updates!

UPDATE 7/8: I have posted the Senior-Freshman Buddy Assignments, Rank Designators and the (updated) Cabin Assignments. Enjoy!

2007-2008 Band Calendar Posted

Posted by Mr. H on Jul 02, 2007 - 07:21 AM  •  Filed under: important
The complete Band Calendar for the 2007-2008 School Year has been posted in our Downloads Area. It is also linked from our Online Calendar, which contains most of the same information and is updated frequently. Please be sure to incorporate the relevant dates into your family calendar to ensure that you attend all of the events!

More Construction Photos

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I've posted a few more photos of the construction in the new 2007-2008 Photo Album. There are also a few in there of the 'Naked Band Room' before it gets the floor tile ripped out next week. After that is done, I'll try to post some more. I'm going to have them remove some of the cabinets and move a few around, so the room will look a little different. :)

I've also posted the photo of all the graduating 2007 Seniors. See if you can figure out who was added into the photo after the fact (treasure hunt!).

Also - if you care, there are some additional construction photos available on the BCPS District Website.

Regarding Senior Open Houses...

Posted by Mr. H on Jun 07, 2007 - 01:26 PM  •  Filed under: highschool
A couple items here: first, seniors are welcome to submit their open house announcement as a calendar item on the website here if they wish to. Understand that you would be, in effect, inviting anyone who reads this site, but you are still welcome to do that. To do so, find the appropriate date on the calendar and click on the little plus sign for that date. The item will not appear immediately as it must be approved first. Be sure to list an address, but it is not necessary to list a phone, etc.

Second, I would like to thank all of you that have invited me to your open house. Please understand that my family's calendar fills up very quickly for the summer (Grandparents can be very demanding, you know ;) ). It will be impossible for me to attend most of the open houses. Please do not be personally insulted if I can't attend yours, but do attend someone else's. It has nothing to do with how important you are to me and everything to do with how important my family obligations are. I do my best to attend a few and figure I will see most, if not all of you, at those few. I appreciate your understanding!