Band Parents Council Meeting

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The first meeting of the band Parents Council for the 2010-2011 school year will take place on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 following High School Curriculum Night. We should begin approximately 7:00 pm in the High School band room. Meetings typically last about one hour. All band parents are invited (Middle School parents too!). See you there!


Private Messages Ending

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The private messaging feature on this site will soon be disabled. If you have anything you wish to retrieve before they are disabled, please do so soon.


MSBOA All-State Information Available

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Information for High School and Middle School MSBOA All-State Band and Orchestra is available at MSBOA's website. Students that are interested should take a look as soon as possible and we will be registering during the first week or two of school. I will also (probably) be able to get you a copy of the music, but you are welcome to purchase your own if you would prefer.


Warrior Night Info

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5-6 cookout sponsored by the Booster Club
6 p.m. band performs

more info:
...please wear your summer uniform
please arrive at school about 5:30 and meet in the band room.
Ms. Schlosser will meet you there and organize the performance.
You will probably not be marching - just playing the FS, SSB and maybe another tune or two from the Main show.

I expect everyone to be there!

you should be able to 'sneak' out when the band part is done (I hope)

check back here for more information when I get it. and yes, I realize the original band calendar said 5pm. sorry.


Movie Night!

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A special Movie Night has been organized at the Bay City 8 Theaters in the Bay City Mall. This is a special fundraiser for the Bay City Western Bands!

Bring your whole family and all your friends (and enemies) to the Theater on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 from 6:00 - 10:00 PM and bring this coupon with you. When you do so, 50% of your concession stand purchases will be donated to BCW bands!


Camp Meds

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All medications (prescription and OTC) must be turned in to the camp Nurse for camp. Mrs. Costello (our RN) will be wating at the busses beginning at 11:15 AM on Sunday to accept meds.

Please keep all your meds in the original prescription or OTC packaging/container and place all of them in one Ziploc bag with the student's name on it. Turn this bag in to Mrs. Costello before boarding the bus.


Packing List

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There is a packing list for camp in the downloads area. please use it! Also note the dress code which is expected at camp. Pack accordingly!

Please add to your packing list: a water bottle (not a bunch of bottles of water) but a water bottle of some kind - preferably something you can hang on your shoulder. If you do not bring one, you will be provided with one, but it won't be as cool as yours.



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Updated today:

Rank Designators
Cabin Assignments WITH COUNSELORS


Freshman Names & Instruments updated

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Freshman Names & Instruments updated check it out! learn their names!


More Camp Stuff

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Today I posted the Rank Designators page to our downloads area. This includes what number you are in the drill as well as what part you should be playing, etc.

I also posted the Freshman/Senior Buddy Assignments.

I also posted all the drill! (you will get a hard copy of this at camp, so no need to print it)



Main Show - Music of the 1980's

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I'm happy to announce that the 2010 Main show will include music from the 1980's.
  • We Got the Beat (Go Gos)
  • Takin' It to the Streets (Michael McDonald)
  • Welcome to the Jungle (Gun's n' Roses)
  • Bad Medicine (Bon Jovi)
mp3's of all these tunes are posted in our download area.

Also - I have posted the Cabin Assignments to the download area as well.

I hope to see everyone at the picnic!


July Conn-Selmer Articles

Posted by Mr. H on Jul 09, 2010 - 05:28 AM  •  Filed under: news
French Horn Clinic by Philip Farkas
Players continually experiment with instruments, mouthpieces and methods to enlarge the tone, and then revel in the fact that they have such a big tone. All this they do while conductors the world over gnash their teeth and frantically wave the brass down!

Sight Reading, Fright Reading, or Sight Guessing? by Gary Gribble
It is imperative that students develop a musical vocabulary that encompasses notes, rhythm, dynamics, stylistic concerns, knowledge of phrasing, and all of the aspects that go into a quality performance. This should be a regular part of your rehearsal routine.

You Want Band in the Community - Delayed Gratification and Citizenship by David Willson
Each year I see the directors in the country have more hurdles thrown at them making it harder to have band where they are. These hurdles start with national testing, new graduation requirements, scheduling, and the list is endless. We as a society need to sell the real value of band to all in the community instead of getting stuck on the spirit or public relations area that all see and recognize.


June Conn-Selmer Articles

Posted by Mr. H on Jun 02, 2010 - 12:07 PM  •  Filed under: news
Strengthening the Foundations of Students' Excellence, Integrity and Social Contribution by William M. Sullivan
College education is a highly formative experience. It proves eventful and life-shaping for students of any age. College provides a uniquely powerful moment in which students rethink their lives, expand their intellectual and cultural horizons, and focus on future goals, often in new ways.

Engaging Rehearsals to Enhance Music Making by David Branson
The purpose of this article is to present basic rehearsal design principles that can improve student engagement followed by a description of practical rehearsal techniques designed to empower students to become an integral part of the music-making process.

5 Steps to a Musical Performance by Randall D. Royer
Although they are many strategies and methods to learning a piece of music, whether as an individual studio teacher or as a director of a large ensemble, I have found “5 Steps” to be the most efficient and effective plan for learning and teaching music.


May Conn-Selmer Articles

Posted by Mr. H on May 15, 2010 - 05:56 AM  •  Filed under: news
The Jazz Big Band: Ingredients To Assure Good Ensemble Performances by Scott Cowan
Throughout my nearly twenty years of directing jazz big bands and observing a myriad of world class band leaders, I have observed a plethora of ingredients, so to speak, that have contributed to successful performances. The following ingredients reflect my observations.

The Flute Practice Techniques by Robert H. Willoughby
I strongly advocate practicing part of the time without vibrato. While it adds life to your playing, it also tends to obscure basic faults, such as lack of support. In addition, modern composers will often specifically request that a particular passage be played without vibrato. Likewise, in baroque music it should be used sparingly.

Warm Up Room or War Room? by Gary Gribble
The warm up room is a critical area that can make or break a performance. Personally, I advocate a calm approach that is identical to our daily rehearsal procedure. I want the students to feel prepared, comfortable, and focused prior to moving on stage.


State Fest Podcasts Available

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The recordings from State Band Festival are now available in our Podcasts page. Enjoy!


MSBOA State Solo & Ensemble Results UPDATED

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Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding performances at MSBOA State Solo & Ensemble!

 Danielle Lefevre (12)
 Trumpet Solo
 Proficiency III
 Daniel Schindler (10)
 Trombone Solo
 Proficiency I
 Alison Phelps (12)
 Clarinet Solo
 Proficiency III
 Mick Klann (9)
 Clarinet Solo
 n/a Div I

In addition, Senior Danielle Lefevre was nominated as a soloist to audition for the concerto performance at the Michigan Youth Arts Festival and Senior Alison Phelps was awarded a position in the Michigan Youth Arts Festival Honors Band. Congratulations to all for their fine work and performance!

UPDATE: Sophomore Daniel Schindler has also been selected to the Michigan Youth Arts Festival Honors Band. Daniel had apparently been placed on a 'waiting list' and then selected later than the others. Congrats!


The best extracurricular activity at many high schools is band...

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Column: The best extracurricular activity at many high schools is band, particularly marching band
By Julie Mack | Kalamazoo Gazette
March 23, 2010, 7:00AM

A friend and I who have eight children between us who have all gone through high school have a theory about extracurricular activities.

The theory is this: The best extracurricular activity at many high schools is band, particularly marching band.

The reasons have little or nothing to do with music, and everything to do with the unique characteristics of high school band and its ability to promote positive social relationships.

Here’s what makes band unique...


State Solo & Ensemble Schedule Available

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State Solo & Ensemble Schedule Available - all four events! Festival is Saturday, March 27, 2010 at CMU. Good luck!

click below to view.


2010 Band Camp Registration now Available!

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Registration materials for the 2010 Western High School Band Camp are now available in our download area. Camp begins on August 1 and finishes on August 6, 2010. All students planning to participate in the WHS Band for the 2010-2011 school year are expected to attend. Cost is $210 per student (this is $15 less than the 2009 price!). Students were also given a hard copy on Friday, March 12.

Registrations are due with your $125 non-refundable deposit by March 26, 2010. Please pay with a check or money order and make payable to Western High School.


2010 Band Festival Results

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Congratulations to all the band students of Bay City Western High School and Middle School for their terrific performances at MSBOA District 5 Band & Orchestra Festival on March 5 & 6, 2010.

The Seventh and Eighth Grade Bands, under the direction of Heidi Schlosser, each earned an overall Division II rating. Both the High School Concert Band and Symphonic Band, under the direction of Craig Heydenburg, earned straight Division I ratings for the sixth consecutive year. Since 2001, the High School Bands have earned Division I ratings every year except in 2003.

BCW Festival Rating History

On Monday in class, the High School bands will discuss performing at State Band Festival which takes place on April 23 & 24, 2010 at Western High School.


Modified HS Band Exam Schedule

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The High School Bands' exam schedule has been modified in order to facilitate sufficient rehearsal time for band festival. Please read more for the full explanation.


High School Rehearsals Scheduled

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Due to the High School exam schedule, the Bands will not have a regular rehearsal on Thursday, March 4, 2010. In discussions with the band members, we decided that we could rehearse on the the following schedule (Exams end at 2:00)

Thursday, March 4, 2010
2:00 - 3:15 Concert Band
8:00 - 9:15 Symphonic Band


2010 MSBOA District 5 S&E Results [UPDATED]

Posted by Mr. H on Feb 21, 2010 - 08:53 AM  •  Filed under: news
Congratulations to all the 2010 MSBOA District 5 Solo and Ensemble participants. Western performed very well overall with 28 total events (20 division ones, 6 division twos, 2 division threes). Thank you for performing and congratulations on excellent performances! I'm proud of you! (read more for all results)

STATE MSBOA Solo & Ensemble Festival is on Saturday, March 27, 2010 - yes, the first day of the trip. If you are going on the trip, you probably don't want to participate at S&E. Those of you that DO want to participate in State S&E must pay me before Thursday, February 25. See me in class on Tuesday for amounts.

UPDATE 2/22 @5:30pm: Costs listed after the S&E results.


School Closed February 10, 2010

Posted by Mr. H on Feb 09, 2010 - 11:04 PM
Bay City Public Schools is closed due to inclement weather for Wednesday, February 10, 2010 - this includes closing of our Community Education & Alternative Education programs and also our Parent Involvement Center (PIE).

NOTE: the Jazz Band schedule is not changed by snow days. which means, there is no jazz band tomorrow.


January & February Conn-Selmer Articles

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Please click below to read about the January and February Conn-Selmer Articles.


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