October Conn-Selmer Articles

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A Quick Anatomy of the Flute by Valerie Simosko
Here is a quick “dictionary” describing essential parts of a flute and what their purposes are.

An Approach to Student Practice: Hints on Practicing or Close Enough only Counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades! by Keith Zimmerman
How do the really good players become so? How do the same people seem to always get high rankings in auditions? There is practice, and then there is quality practice! Which kind do you do? Do you just get close or do you really get the music down?

Educator's Viewpoint by Thomas Dvorak
If we lived in a perfect world and could design our band rehearsals upon the models of out-standing conductors, what would they be like?

Showcase Videos Posted

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The videos of the 2009 Midland Marching Showcase have been posted to the westernbands YouTube channel. Click on the YouTube link in the Nav bar above to check it out!

Joe also posted the pictures he took to his picassa account. These will eventually be moved to this site, but you can view them temporarily at his site.

Midland Marching Showcase 2009 Itinerary

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Midland Marching Showcase Itinerary:
Wednesday, October 7, 2009:

loading: 4:30 PM
leaving: 5:00 PM (students in uniform)
arriving Midland: 5:20 PM
unloading/sitting: 5:20 – 5:40 PM
Seated by: 5:40
Performing: 8:00 PM
loading: 9:15 PM
departing Midland: 9:20 PM
arriving BCW: 9:40 PM

Please have all parents at Western by 9:35 PM.

September Conn-Selmer Articles

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Recruiting and Retention by Gary Gribble
Instrumental music begins in our school system in sixth grade. It seems that more
kids are getting “hooked” on multiple activities at earlier ages than ever before. We have
summer sports and arts camps for kids as young as four years of age. The potential
downside for our music program is that the kids become totally dedicated to other
activities before they get a chance to join a music program.

Perfecting the Reed by Pat Diller
Located in Mendoza, Argentina, surrounded by the Andes Mountains and vineyards, stands the impressive cane fields of Gonzalez reeds. The fields produce an annual 450,000 to 500, 00 cane plants, making it the largest single cane field in the world. With no pesticides, herbicides, or agrochemicals, a pure “green” product is consistently delivered to reed players around the world.

Great Teaching: Something We All Should Aspire To by David Branson
To be a great teacher is a gift that continues to be received by students for a life time.

PE Waiver for Marching Band Invalidated

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The Michigan Department of Education has decided that students may not waive the PE credit because of participation in Marching Band or a Varsity sport. Current Freshman and Sophomores (and future HS students) must take a PE course or test out of the requirement before graduation. Current Juniors and Seniors will not be affected by the changes.

This does not mean that students have to drop band to take a PE course, nor does it mean that students must take the course immediately. Students simply must complete one term of PE before graduation. This can be done later in High School and should not interfere with a student's plan to participate in band.

Read more to view the letter sent to parents from BCPS Curriculum Director Brian Johnson.


Rehearsal Themes

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The next 2 rehearsal themes are:

September 29- Fanny Pack Day

October 6- Twinkie Night

Photos and Videos Posted

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Senior Night photos have been posted to our photo album and videos posted to YouTube. Click on the links in the menubar above to view them.

Midland Marching Showcase T-shirts For Sale

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Midland Marching Showcase 2009 T-Shirts for sale. Click below to see a picture of the design.

Shirts cost $7. Checks may be made payable to Bay City Western. Put name with payment in an envelope and turn in to Mr. Heydenburg.

Shirts are Black. All sizes are adult sizes.

Deadline for ordering is September 30. No exceptions.


Purchase a Program Ad

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If you are interested in purchasing an Ad in the Homecoming Game Program, please download this letter for more information. The deadline to purchase is September 15, 2009, so act quickly!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 - The First Day

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To answer two questions:

  1. Yes, you need your instrument the first day (High Schoolers)
  2. Yes, we have Jazz Band on the first day.


  1. SLT meeting 6:15 PM
  2. Band Rehearsal (NOT dress rehearsal!) 7-9 pm (Crazy Sock Day!)

any other questions? leave a comment.

Thursday, September 3

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Here is the plan for Thursday,  September 3:

  • 4:30 - 5:30 Rehearsal on practice field (not in uniform)
  • 5:30 - students released for dinner break
  • 6:30 students lined up at tree in full uniform - we step off at 6:30! (probably no raincoats)
  • 6:50 pregame!
  • 7:00 Football!
  • 8:00ish Halftime show
  • After the game, we march back to the band room, then students are dismissed.

Thanks for a good rehearsal on Tuesday night. We are certainly rusty, but I think things will go well on Thursday!

Tuesday Night Rehearsal Themes

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This year we're going to have themes for the Tuesday night rehearsals again. Read the rest of the story for all of the themes, and make sure you get your outfits ready :-) Please make sure that whatever you wear is school appropriate. Also a reminder that this Tuesday (September 1st) is a Dress Rehearsal, so make sure your uniforms are hemmed (y)


August Conn-Selmer Articles

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Interestingly the first area on which to focus in making rehearsals more effective does not coincided with the rehearsal itself. It is in planning.

Regarding the FINE ART OF PRACTICING by Keith M. Zimmerman
Many students do not know how to practice. I find that the teaching of how to practice is something I must cover in depth with college and private students in all but a few cases.

Training the Woodwind Section in Full Band Rehearsal by Randall Spicer
The proper use of rehearsal techniques will result in an improvement of tone, intonation, balance, and blend in all sections of the band. There

Uniform Distribution August 12

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High School Band members are expected to pick up their band uniforms on Wednesday, August 12. Please meet at the HS band room.

  • Seniors: 5:30 pm
  • Juniors: 6:15 pm
  • Sophomores: 6:45 pm
  • Freshman: 7:30 pm

If you cannot make your assigned time, please come as soon as you can before 8:30 pm.

Please make every effort to come on this date (August 12), but if you cannot make it, uniforms will be distributed to remaining band members following Warrior Night festivities on Tuesday, August 25 (at approximately 6:15 pm).

Band Camp shirts will be sold at the uniform distribution on Wednesday. If you didn't get your shirt yet, bring $8.00. All sizes still available in very limited quantities...

Camp Performance

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The High School Band will return from band camp on Friday, August 7 at about 1:30 PM. Please come to our performance at 2:00 PM and see what we have been working on all week! The performance will take place on the North side of Western on the practice field near the varsity softball diamond. The performance will lst approximately 45 minutes. following the performance, students will be dismissed! See you there!

Drill and Other Camp Information Available

Posted by Mr. H on Jul 28, 2009 - 05:11 AM  •  Filed under: highschool

I just added the Drill to the downloads area of the site. Feel free to download this for yourself and begin writing in to your music. You'll need to know your rank designator to do so.

Also - there is a lot of information available to everyone on the site here regarding camp. Please see the list on the right side of the home page for all the files that are available.

Be sure to know the dress code and also peruse the packing list. You may also be interested in the cabin list as well as the other exciting stuff here.

Please do not bring video games or movies/movie players to camp.

Band Camp Shirts

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Band Camp shirts have arrived!!

 The Shirts will sell for $8.00 each. Exact change will be greatly appreciated. We will  be bringing them to band camp to sell. Buy one to show your love for band and to show that you survived band camp!

Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser

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The band class of 2010 is having a fundraiser to raise money for our senior show!

Go to Buffalo Wild Wings on Wilder Rd. in Bay City this Wednesday, July 22nd, turn in one of our fundraiser flyers, and 20% of your bill will be donated to our cause! Bring your friends and family!

view the rest of the article to get a copy of the flyer


Great Cornfest!

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THANK YOU to all one hundred participants in the parade this year! The band truly did look and sound about as good as I can remember for the Cornfest Parade! The drumline expecially did great. It was awesome to see so many of you there!

As a reward, I posted the Main Show Audio Files on the site. Now you can follow along in your music and start practicing!

See you soon! Band Camp is in two weeks!

July Conn-Selmer Articles and SBO Magazine

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Fundamentals of Legato by Phillip O. Paglialonga
There are four primary components to seamless legato: fingers, embouchure, wind and equipment. Each of these categories contributes to the overall sound of your legato in different ways.

Young Instrumentalists Should Learn To Sing So They Can Learn To Hear by Robert Rawlins, Ph.D.
Like many endeavors, becoming a fine instrumentalist requires a broad range of skills. Accurate hearing is among the most important. Unfortunately, many young instrumentalists feel self-conscious about singing and thus neglect a crucial aspect of their training.

Common Characteristics of Outstanding Orchestra by Jacquelyn Dillon-Krass
Tuning: Group tunes quietly and carefully, special attention is paid to careful tuning of basses and cellos, group tunes at the bottom...

School Band and Orchestra Online Magazine

No July 12 Rehearsal!

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There is NOT a rehearsal on July 12.

There was a mistake in the letter that said there would be a rehearsal on "Saturday, July 12" (which obviously is not a Saturday). The headline on that section of the letter is correct.

The rehearsal is Saturday, July 18.

sorry for the typo!

please call your friends that don't read the website and let them know!

[updated letter]

2008-2009 Awards and 2009-2010 Audition Results

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Several students requested that the results that were announced at the band banquet be posted to the website so they could be more carefully perused. So, finally, and with tremendous fanfare (imagine joe playing really loudly right now) here it is! enjoy.

Marching Band Softball Challenge

Posted by lil*fegan on Jun 19, 2009 - 04:25 PM  •  Filed under: highschool

On July 18th we are going to have a softball/kickball challenge after our Marching Band rehearsal. There will be two teams, Mr. Heydenburg's and Ms. Schlosser's. We are also hoping to have a cook out, but we will buy food after we collect money from people, so we will be buying the amount of food depending on how many people bring money. Please bring $3 or $4 dollars to cover the food costs. We will be having water and lemonade for beverages, if you would like pop or gatorade you are more than welcome to bring it. The food bought will be hot dogs and maybe nachos and cheese. Please talk to your parents and ask if you can stay longer to enjoy time with other band members. This is also a great way for the freshman to get to know the other members in band, so PLEASE stay and have some fun


May & June 2009 Conn-Selmer Articles

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Click the title or the link below to see the May and June 2009 Conn-Selmer Articles for your reading pleasure.


Bay Area Summer Wind Ensemble Forming

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The Bay Area Summer Wind Ensemble (Bay City, MI) will serve as a musical outlet and performance opportunity while promoting the area arts and cultural community. Ideally, the ensemble will be comprised of local advanced high school students (whose school programs will be benefited by donations taken at the final concert) as well as college level musicians and area professionals. The concept is for students to sit and perform next to their teachers and give the experienced instrumentalists an opportunity to lead sectionals, masterclasses, etc. A chamber music aspect will be incorporated, allowing those interested to participate in smaller ensembles. There is NO fee to participate.

Check out their website for more information.

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