July Conn-Selmer Articles and SBO Magazine

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Fundamentals of Legato [2] by Phillip O. Paglialonga
There are four primary components to seamless legato: fingers, embouchure, wind and equipment. Each of these categories contributes to the overall sound of your legato in different ways.

Young Instrumentalists Should Learn To Sing So They Can Learn To Hear [3] by Robert Rawlins, Ph.D.
Like many endeavors, becoming a fine instrumentalist requires a broad range of skills. Accurate hearing is among the most important. Unfortunately, many young instrumentalists feel self-conscious about singing and thus neglect a crucial aspect of their training.

Common Characteristics of Outstanding Orchestra [4] by Jacquelyn Dillon-Krass
Tuning: Group tunes quietly and carefully, special attention is paid to careful tuning of basses and cellos, group tunes at the bottom...

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